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At AHAS, we embrace a sense of aesthetics that is alive, sophisticated and deeply personal. Homes that have a Soul. read more

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"I had no idea what an antique rug would add to my home. It looks both modern and sophisticated. Definitely much more than a rug. It has its own personality and makes my home come alive in a way that is totally me. OMG, I'm hooked! "

MyriamReal Estate

"I have always loved antique rugs. I grew up with them at my parents' home, but now I am rediscovering their modernity. Designs can be amazing, but nothing can really describe what they actually 'do' to your home. Now, my wife gets 'it' and seems adamant to put one in every room. You guys have to give us a Membership program!"


"Love this store. Beautifully curated selection and for every budget. And, they helped me choose the right rug for my living room. Awesome service for 'beginners'."


When my parents passed, I could not keep all of them and had no idea how to price them and sell. AHAS was very fast and fair. I recommend.


My beautiful Bakshaish came out amazing but was afraid to give it to anyone. It needed serious cleaning and some repair. They really respected the colors and you cannot suspect the restoration.


I was looking for a very specific rug. They found it for me, and within my budget. Really great service. Personalized, yet accessible.


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