Karpop is a French artist, born in Paris in 1971.

After 10 years working in communications and editing, she chose to devote herself to painting. Her collages invite us to dream and travel as far away as New York, but also to the deepest parts of ourselves. The journey reminds us of what is essential: our childhood, desires and values. If people are touched by Karpop’s collages it is because they tell the story of life, the story of our very own life. They make us dream of other horizons and invite us to realize ourselves without any limitations.
Karpop developed her own technique, a combination of collages and painting, and taps on universal references.


The Karpopian Constellation

She has always selected, sorted, cut out and painted pictures to paste onto other bases to give them a second life. Her technique is the product of the little girl she was, now an adult who has kept her child imaginative powers intact and creates from there.

Karpop sees the world both through a magnifying glass and a wide angle lens, and proposes a recomposed world, viewed in Technicolor, with such a buzz and excitement that you cannot help but feel drawn into it.

Karpop doesn’t want her paintings to look clean or smooth. In fact, she creases, glues and creases again before pasting onto the canvas that becomes the creative field for resin, tissue paper, paper craft, glitters and confetti, all contributing elements of her beautifully balanced cosmogony. 

The many layers of paint and the different types of thicknesses compel us to want to touch and make us want to be a part of it.

In many of her canvases you will find her favorite key-visual signature: the little girl with a magnifying glass. This image captures Karpop’s fierce determination to live up to her child’s viewpoint, unaltered overtime, communicating both isolation and total immersion in a world which reality could be sliced, reorganized, to make it her own and offer it up to share.