About AHAS

Enough of dull look-alike Interiors!

At “AHAS”, we embrace a sense of Aesthetics that is alive, sophisticated and deeply personal. Homes that have a Soul.

at home with antique rugs, antique rugs are home

o We specifically invite you to indulge the lively beauty unique to Antique rugs.
  • Like a messenger travelling through time and space, each rug reveals its unique journey and story to you, day after day, never ceasing to captivate.
  • While the eye can see beauty and the touch can feel the vibrancy of the materials and colors, nothing can begin to describe the intangible yet vivid emotion of living with Antique rugs.
  • We travel the world to bring you these beautiful pieces so that their journeys meet yours and they continue to breathe life into your home. We wish every Antique rug finds a home so every home finds its Soul.
  • If you feel you need some guidance in selecting your rug, feel free to send us a picture of your room(s) and we will make a few recommendations.
  • If you can’t find your dream rug here, please get in touch and we will find it for you.

o We are also happy to showcase a selection of contemporary Artists whose pieces contribute to creating a vibrant and inspired living environment. We hope their work resonates with you and that you welcome their Art into your home.

interior zen with art, at home with art
We wish everyone to live in a Home with a Soul!