Caroline Maniere


"I started drawing in my poetry books with my father. At university, my mother pushed me to enroll in Fine Arts evening classes. Revelation. This marks the beginning of my artistic education. Gratefully, my parents let me fly to Paris to attend a graphic design school which led me to working for 10 years as an artistic director in advertising. Growing frustrated with not creating with my own hands, I chose to return to my passion and study decorative painting.
Caroline Maniere
After the study of 'trompe-l'oeil' and large murals, painting imposed itself on me. Working the copper sheet and symbols is really what drove me to this new exploration. Costumes, patterns, Asia in its richness and diversity has always fascinated me and that is what gave birth to the collection of 'Explorers'. Also, I have always wondered: Why leave for far away? Just to see elsewhere? Discover other horizons, other colors, other faces ... why not confront oneself, discover oneself?
These magnificent travels to the other end of the world bring us back to the distant lands of our interior world. This journey reveals these women, at first childish and wearing the colors of the seasons, to the lands of Asia,  the maturing women have put on the colors, the words, the symbols of my inner exploration. When we have the will to clean up our deep jungle, we rediscover its essence, its connection with everything and the reason we came here.
This exploration took different forms of accompaniment to me: psychogenealogy, family and systemic constellations, EMDR, dreams, karmic astrology, kinesiology, enneagram, breathing, Vedic Art, symbolic rituals, etc ... I paint while listening to Indian, Mongolian, or Native American songs, punctuated by drums, flutes, jewish harps ... this allows me to focus and come into contact with the energy present.
Caroline Maniere
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Caroline Maniere Caroline Maniere
Caroline Maniere Caroline Maniere


Caroline only works on commission. For all enquiries, please write to us: and ask for a Medicine or Totem with a Woman, Man or Animal. When she is ready to start working 'on' you, she will connect via email. 

The downpayment is $350 USD and covers the material. It is not refundable. You only pay the balance if you like the painting. If you don't, it is ok. (It happened only once!) This gives the artist total freedom to paint what she is 'channeling' for you. Once the artwork is ready, Caroline will let you know and ship.

Prices vary depending on the canvas size. Starting price for a 70 x 100 cm: 3,500.00 USD (shipping non included)

Disclaimer: All Copyrights remain the sole property of the artist. 


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